Television Formats: A Global Framework for TV Studies

Reading (Choose 1)
Tasha Oren and Sharon Shahaf, “Television Formats: A Global Framework for TV
Studies,” in Tasha Oren and Sharon Shahaf, eds., Global Television Formats:
Understanding Television Across Borders (New York: Routledge, 2012), 1-19.

Michael Curtin, “The Globalization of Hong Kong Television,” in Playing to the World’s
Biggest Audience: The Globalization of Chinese Film and TV (Berkeley: University of
California Press, 2007), 109-132.

Viewing (Choose 1)
“Narcissus,” La Casa de las Flores, S1 E1 (Mexico, 2018) – Netflix

TV Journal
. These journal responses will consist of critical analysis, with very little summary or personal opinion. You are encouraged to think about the show’s genre,
historical period, and how formal elements (lighting, sound design, camera framing and
composition, etc.) are used to further a television show’s narrative goals, if applicable.
In each response, you must meaningfully cite at least two course readings and connect them to
the TV shows you are analyzing. At least one of these readings must appear on the syllabus the
same week as the show. Quotes must be contextualized to demonstrate your understanding of the
authors’ arguments, and you must explain a quote’s connection to the film you are analyzing.
Additional sources/citations are allowed but not required, and they should not detract from your
own argument.

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