What makes competitors interesting for small businesses that FB does not offer? Competitor’s USPs?

Market analysis (biggest competitors (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Tik Tok, Linked In/ Xing?) maybe pick 4)
• What makes competitors interesting for small businesses that FB does not offer? Competitor’s USPs? (use platform requirements for small businesses: targeted ads, reach, online presence and organic growth, fair pricing, …)
o Better targeting? more efficient organic growth perspectives? Etc.
• Conclusion: Competitive threats to Facebook

• SWOT/ TOWS-Analysis
• Strengthening FB’s USP and lessons learned from competitors
• Conclusion
If thats fine for you, Lars, Julian and I are going to work on the internal analysis, whereas you two should work on the external analysis.

Concerning the external part, we think it makes sense to do a market analysis in terms of who is offering/selling most ads (probably Google, TikTok, …), who is offering what etc.,… Have a look at the competitors and pick 3 or 4 of them (the ones which are the biggest rivals to FB!)
After having picked the competitors, try to find out what their USP is, find out what they offering to start ups and SMEs or what makes them attractive for start-ups and SMES (so that we can use the findings of the external analysis to derive recommendations for Facebook).
We brainstormed about what start-ups need and what they expect from advertising services:
– targeted ads (ads accurately targeting potential customers)
– generate reach (generally become popular, present)
– online presence (have a “profile” like on FB, IG which can also be used as a shop etc but also just to attract followers) and by that generating organic growth,
– fair pricing (start-ups cant spend a lot of money on marketing, is there maybe a different pricing strategy for start-ups, SMEs, etc…..?)

When analyzing the business model of the competitors, always keep in mind that we are just focusing on start-ups and SMEs, <link is hidden> focus on the points mentioned above (platform requirements for small businesses) like how are they serving these requirements?

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