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Discussion: Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Discussion: Pharmacokinetics and PharmacodynamicsAs an advanced practice nurse assisting physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders, it is important to not only understand the impact of disorders on the body, but also the impact of drug treatments on the body. The relationships between drugs and the body can be described by pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics.Pharmacokinetics describes what the body does to the drug through absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion, whereas pharmacodynamics describes what the drug does to the body.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Ingram PublishingWhen selecting drugs and determining dosages for patients, it is essential to consider individual patient factors that might impact the patient’s pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes. These patient factors include genetics, gender, ethnicity, age, behavior (<link is hidden> diet, nutrition, smoking, alcohol, illicit drug abuse), and/or pathophysiological….

Movie Assignment: The Avengers

InstructionsMovie EssayChoose and watch ONE of the following movies (you may need to use a streaming service to get your chosen movie):Options:1) The Avengers2) Shrek3) Bridesmaids4) The Greatest Showman5) Crazy Rich Asians6) Up7) Forrest Gump

Then, pick FIVE concepts of interpersonal communication that we have covered this semester (through the Weekly Learning Resources and Discussions) and describe how they have been depicted in the movie.Your paper should include a brief introduction of the movie and your chosen concepts, the analysis, and a conclusion. The entire paper should be a minimum of 8 full double-spaced pages – You may exceed the page length, but your submission should not be under 7 full pages.Be sure to use proper format with APA citations (both in-text and full references)Use the following formula….

AIT For this set of study questions, you need to read -Tharpe et al -Fey et al Note the difference in publication dates in Tharpe (1999) and Fey (2011)

Study Questions Set 3AIT For this set of study questions, you need to read -Tharpe et al -Fey et al Note the difference in publication dates in Tharpe (1999) and Fey (2011). (Is there any real difference in state of evidence or in conclusions?)1. What is the message of the Tharpe article on the state of evidence for AIT?2. Beginning on pn p. 249 in Fey, the authors discuss the different types of auditory based treatments examined (including Fast FORWORD and Earobics). Comment on the state of evidence for each of those listed. (half apage each)3. What do the authors say about future directions? What do they think research has taught us in terms of clinical directions (of anything)?4. What do the authors conclude about AIT? What are….

AAC and Communication in ASD is the topic

You will write a paper focusing on some aspect of communication and/or language development in ASD – examples would include: the debate over topography vs. function, the evidence-base for the effectiveness of PECS, augmentative devices and their effectiveness for learners with autism, the state of evidence for sign, the use of ancillary communication strategies as part of a package to address challenging behaviors. The paper should culminate in a suggested line of research study that would further the field of ABA and/or ASD in communication/language intervention. You will review the literature on the topic and write a scholarly paper (following APA style) of 8- 10 pages (not counting references).

Cultural Intelligence in the Marketplace

Read the provided journal article, after you have read your chosen article, answer the following questions in your thread:

Briefly summarize the article. (What were the researchers studying? what was the primary thesis of the article? How did they conduct their research? What were the results?)Using this article as well as other course materials, discuss the implications of Cultural Intelligence in your chosen professional field. (What cross-cultural challenges exist in your profession? How will having high CQ help to address those challenges? What other research needs to be done in order to develop high CQ in your field?)Imagine you were creating a professional development seminar on cultural intelligence for professionals in your chosen field. Aside from simply defining CQ, what topics would you focus on? How would you….

Explain two forms of government intervention in markets

Explain two forms of government intervention in markets. (Make sure to define the key terms, explain using economic theory, use diagrams, and concluding sentence back to question link to key terms defined.) Using real-world examples, evaluate the possible effects (on markets and stakeholders) of imposing an indirect tax on cigarettes. (Same instructions as above, Define, explain, use diagram(s), and conclude, and evaluate the argument)

What are the ethical issues surrounding the breach? Support your answer with course materials

Below is the initial question that the following two responses are answering.


Instructions for Classmate Responses: Respond specifically to your classmate’s answer of Question 2. Refute your classmate’s answer by providing support from another course material source other than the one your classmate used. Example: your classmate used the eBook to support the opinion that Marriott is complicit. You argue that Marriott is not complicit, using another source from course content (other than the eBook) to argue your case.

All citations of course materials in this course should include a page or paragraph number (except videos and podcasts). (i.e. – (Brown, 2016, p. 160) or (Brown, 2016, para 7))

Response 1:

What are the ethical issues surrounding the breach? Support your answer with course materials.

The ethical issues surrounding the breach at the Starwood properties was the….

Given the role of states in the appointment of judges to international and regional courts, can those courts be considered independent?

The essay questions :Given the role of states in the appointment of judges to international and regional courts, can those courts be considered independent?

You need to focus on international courts.Think about (i) the fact that international courts/judges are meant to be independent; (2) how are international judges appointed (you can consider two or three courts as examples) – consider the roles of states in nominating and electing/appointing judges; (3) given that states play this role – what risks are there that this could interfere with the independence of international judges/courts?So the essay is mainly about judicial appointment processes in international courts – deal with that first, then think about the implications for judicial independence. Focusing on International court .

Please use 12pt font for the text of….

To what extent is it justifiable to claim that persons fleeing socio-economic deprivation qualify as refugees under

* Understanding of knowledge and critical awareness of the relevant law;*  Depth of analysis, description and discussion in promoting the arguments;*  Degree to which planning and coherence is evident in the structure of the essay;*  The understanding of current issues and debates in the field and the level of application of the law to the issues;*  Level to which complex solutions are offered and evaluated;*  Extent to which viable innovative solutions are proposed;*  Ability to use research methodologies and techniques as relevant for research in International and European Refugee Law;*  Ability to locate and use relevant legal and non-legal sources;*  The ability to produce appropriately presented work, including fully and correctly referenced sources and a complete and correctly presented bibliography….