Directions for Oral Presentation Video

This assignment will be the final part of your capstone project. You will record a video of yourself presenting a synopsis of your capstone project. Your challenge is to summarize the key points of your case study and main take-aways of your critical analysis. This will be used to score the Oral Communication outcome for UCC assessment.

Directions for Oral Presentation Video:

Time limit: 2 minutes maximum. Points will be removed if your video exceeds the time limit or if it’s way under the limit. The video should be between 1:45 – 2:00 minutes.
Record it in a quiet space to make sure the audio and video is clear.
This is an oral presentation. Make eye contact with the camera as much as possible.
Canvas allows you to playback your video before you submit, so you can record as many times as you need before. You will only have ONE submission attempt.
Do not wait until the last minute to upload your file. Files need time to upload based on size and connectivity. Technical difficulties will not be an acceptable excuse for not completing your assignment on time.

What is to be done in this assignment is Write me a 300 word “essay” that I can turn into a oral presentation. Attached are my previous capstone Projects. In the Final paper of capstone, these questions were asked, but I missed this assignment so Please include like one or two of these questions answered in this.
How did the process of researching influence your understanding as it relates to media literacy?
Explain how you became more media literate after researching your topic.
Expound on how your view shifted as it relates to media literacy after completing this project.
Describe how the project changed your perspective on how media outlets persuade you in viewing and reacting to their content.
What local and international organizations work on the issue of media literacy? Which of those work on themes related to your capstone project case? How can people get involved with them? Provide contact information and relevant projects or initiatives. Propose an idea for a specific initiative that would increase media literacy among a specific audience around the case you analyzed for your capstone project. (This section of your final paper will be used to assess the Global Engagement Outcome for Global Learning).

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