The Death penalty through Historical lens

This is an IRR for AP Seminer class, I have to write a research paper (not an argumentative paper, which is what i did and got it wrong) discussing about the abolishment of the death penalty and how it has changed. What are some positive and negative views about this topic? Is the original purpose still there or has it become corrupt? You have to make sure to stay in the historical lens. You have to add correct citations and in-text citations for each source and evidence given in MLA format and it has to be less then 1300 words. 3 body paragraphs and an intro and conclusion. In my paper I made a mistake and didnt add the other side of the story to it so I need for you to do that and a solution also needs to be presented for this topic. You should discuss the possible benefits and limitations of this solution. You can add or delete anything you need to. There has to be a total of 8 sources, 3 must be scholarly journals.

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