Tony Hsieh’s leadership to transforming the Zappos company

We see in the case that Tony Hsieh leadership to transforming the Zappos company he had bought achieved extraordinary results.

See the case – <link is hidden> 2009: Clothing, Customer Service, and Company Culture 610015-PDF-ENG

<link is hidden> />
We saw that his idea was recognized as value generative in two critical and symbolic ways, in the valuation of the sale of the company to Amazon and to the terms of that deal that maintained employees and the leadership team after the purchase.
Tony Hsieh by the way still works there. Is this example of safe space that Hsieh developed at Zappos an eccentricity, a typical – only-in-America – phenomenon?
Or does it reveal something deeper about the safe spaces, culture, leadership?

Continue and expand your thinking about the Zappos case. Research a little more widely about Zappos. Write your own analysis of this kind of leadership and company culture. Building on and deepening our debate, would Tonys concept work in other country like – Georgia? What would it take to do so? Explore and challenge that thought experiment. Or if not (and that thinking did succeed in moving the needle a little on Sunday), why is that? Explore and challenge that thought experiment.

Please see the Zappos case attached.

All references has to be from English sources, that are available online.

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