Why does Claus Mann title his novel “Mephisto” rather than “Faust”?

You may use your books. If you quote directly from the book, use “” and in () state which book/page it is from. Use the full essay form and please write clearly. Each essay should have an introduction including a thesis statement, a body and a conclusion. The essays MUST be a minimum of THREE full pages long, double spaced 12″ Times New Roman font, 1 inch margins.

The topic is :
Why does Claus Mann title his novel “Mephisto” rather than “Faust”? What is it about the role of Mephistopheles that Mann wants to point out and develop?

NOTE: do not use outside source, you are only going to use the one I attached. Also im not a native speaker so plz keep the language simple. One last thing, in the intro. plz do not introduce the author of the book and the book. just focus on the topic. Contain a clear thesis in the intro.
For the source, plz use the link below to access.

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