Value proposition for vending machine

I am creating a business with vending machines on one of my subjects. The idea is to have unique vending machines with a products people won’t expect and products that are essential. I have created an app where all products are available and where u can purchase products same as you can see 5 different locations, such as train stations or school. My vending machines are modern, you can pay by cash same as via card, and has unique design.
I have divided my products into 3 categories:
essential things(such as emergency sewing kit, single use raincoat, hand disenfector, hand cream, face masks, beauty face masks, bamboo toothbrush)
things you dream of: (such as funny condoms, mini cactus, funny socks, bath bomb)
take me back in time ( such as tamagotchi, color changing rings, hubba bubba, yoyo)
Now I have to create value propositions. Here are the points which need to be done

3 Value proposition (Wiktoria)

3.1 Design the value proposition elements of the ‘value proposition designer’

3.2 Different parts of the value proposition

3.3 Competitors ( for example flying tiger)

3.4 Final value proposition

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