Apply: The Benefits of Change Management

Week 1 – Apply: The Benefits of Change Management Paper [due Thursday]
Assignment Content
External pressures often challenge organizations to make difficult changes. Skilled change managers can
help leadership develop creative solutions when they understand the variety of internal and external
pressures that commonly cause change. Change management approaches, such as the action research
approach, can help ensure all stakeholder’s needs are considered, which will improve the likelihood of them
getting on board with the changes.
Review the following case study from Ch. 3, “Why Change? Contemporary Pressures and Drivers,” of
Managing Organizational Change: A Multiple Perspectives Approach:
• Case Analysis: The Sunderland City Story
Imagine you are in a managerial role in a company experiencing a similar situation as Sunderland. Funding
is to be cut due to the recent recession, and leadership would like to go with an OD approach. Analyze the
situation at Sunderland through the OD lens to provide insight to company leadership about upcoming
change management decisions they will need to make soon.
Write a 525- to 700-word paper using a minimum of 2 scholarly sources in which you:
• Identify the anticipated environmental pressures (internal and external) on the organization that
required changes to its current strategic and operational plans.
• Describe how the 7-step OD Practitioner action research approach may have been used to
understand and address the concerns of these managers. Focus on 2-3 key steps where these
managers should have played a greater role.
• Note: The case indicates that the changes were popular among staff, but resistance came
from, “managers who felt that their recruitment decisions were being constrained.”
Submit your assignment.
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