Concept Map Project Option: Identify a theme, concept, idea, motif, or pattern

Concept Map Project Option

TASK:          Explore one significant aspect of the novel you have read. Identify a theme, concept, idea, motif, or pattern.  Show how this element is developed within the novel. 

MEDIUM:  Concept map, presented orally

Create a hand-drawn concept map on a poster-size page or board.  Check out a video explanation, watch a demo, and review the written directions

Use colour to differentiate the various branches of inquiry and curved lines for each concept.  Use images to focus attention, and indicate connections.  Ensure that detail is sufficient to indicate the complexity of your analysis.

Your map will be evaluated on quality of analysis, level of detail, validity and evidence of connections, and adherence to the design principles (colour, image, organization, etc.), as follows:

Quality of analysisIdentifies a central issue & demonstrates its significance to the novel
Level of detail (10)Conveys an understanding of complexity and development within the work; provides specific references to the text
Evidence of connections (10)Links details within the map to show thematic and structural connections
Attention to design principles (10)Colour, organization, and presentation are used as directed, including curved lines and central focus; images are used to enhance the text
Presentation (15)Presentation clarifies concepts and understanding (The presentation is your opportunity to take us through the detail and connections indicated on your map.) Length: 10-15 minutes; presentations less than 15 minutes can use remaining time to answer audience questions
TOTAL = 45 marks 15% of Semester 
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