Cultural Fusions of Asian Americans of Mixed Heritages

Thesis: Over the years, the diversity has expanded where we continue to develop new cultural mixes. These fusions begin to in a way become its own culture. As we dive deeper into the history of two combining cultures we look at the differences that appear with a new merging culture. This is what I have came up with can modify it if you need.

10 sources minimum–please number. At least 2 printed book sources, 2 dissertations &/or MA theses, and 2 academic journal articles (click to view information). 5 sources need to be away from the class materials covered for this assignment.
Must include at least 2 primary sources (rather than secondary sources), and must be college-research paper quality (click here for information on evaluating sources). Research essays, in general, cannot use encyclopedias of any kind (including Wikipedia) as sources.

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