Define and explain racism, prejudice and discrimination

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Image-Based Sexual Abuse
Definition and description of “image-based sexual abuse”
Why the term “image-based sexual abuse” is used; drawback of other terms such as “revenge porn”
Examples of IBSA, e.g. voyeurism, sextortion
Continuum of IBSA – inc IBSA as a form of sexual and gendered violence
Relevant Criminal Code offences (you don’t need to remember the section numbers)
Context of intimate partner violence
Disability & Victimization
Denials of capacity of people with disabilities – micro and macro
Lack of inclusion of people with disabilities in other social movement  responses of feminist disability and intersectionality
Models of disability – medical, social, relational social; human rights
Distinct experiences of domestic violence of people with disabilities (including lack of awareness/understanding)

Sexuality and Gender Identity-Based Victimization
Define and explain heteronormativity, heterosexism, homophobia, queerphobia
Define and explain cisnormativity, cissexism, transphobia, transnormativity
Examples of criminal offences that have affected queer and trans people (historically and today)
Requirements for legal gender change in Canada (i.e. at least a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in most provinces; not required in Quebec)
Police reporting
Particular experiences of queer and trans people subject to sexual violence – e.g. corrective rape

Victimization & Indigenous Peoples
Define and explain racism, prejudice and discrimination
History of colonization
History of residential schools
History of 60’s scoop
Patterns in overrepresentation
Intersectionality of victimization in Indigenous women
Rates of Indigenous victimization
Aboriginal Gangs in Winnipeg video

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