Racial Injustice: You will present a 5 – 6 minute original speech on a social justice issue

You will present a 5 – 6 minute original speech on a social justice issue. Choose a topic on which there are a variety of viewpoints and take a position. Your central idea needs to be explicit and clear. You need to provide researched information and have at least 4- 5 different credible sources or lose 50% of the grade. No WIKI allowed! Your references need to be listed as a within your speech and including a work cited page. As well, you must orally cite at least two of your refences during your speech. Be creative. Your persuasive speech must be delivered extemporaneously and in front of an audience. Follow only the sample persuasive outline. Do not sue the informative outline. You must submit in class a copy of your speech as well as upload it to D2L. Remember that a PowerPoint is a must or lose 10%. Generally ten slides with images and no writing. As well, you must PARAPHRASE. You are allowed to copy and paste no more than 15% of the overall written work. After 15% you will lose 50% of your grade. After 25% of copying and pasting your work, you will not receive a grade. There is little interaction between the audience and speaker during the speech. You need to demonstrate college-level speaking skill by successfully fulfilling the criteria in the rubric.

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“Employees at this institution are very satisfied with working here. Please rate your satisfaction with the institution.” Discuss how this question could create bias

STAT 200 Week 1 Homework Problems 1.1.4 To estimate the percentage of households in Connecticut which use fuel oil as a heating source, a researcher collects information from 1000 Connecticut households….

Engage With A Work Of Research

ASSIGNMENT: For this essay, you will select one of the articles provided below and engage in a 2-3 page summary and response dialogue with the source. This will involve providing a….

Explain Any Antivirus Software In 300 Words

Select an anti-virus software that is used to protect against computer viruses. What is anti-virus software and what does it do, main functions of antivirus? Name some antivirus apps for….