Electricity posed the biggest threat to humanity in Frankenstein because it redefined when human life begins/ends.

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Research Presentation – Proposal

Sample Thesis: Electricity posed the biggest threat to humanity in Frankenstein because it redefined when human life begins/ends.


______________________ is the biggest threat to humanity in ______________________.

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For your final assignment, you will be required to prepare and deliver a persuasive speech. From all of the cumulative work we have done this semester, as it relates to the intersection(s) of humanism, science and technology, you will reference the following texts/works of literature as source material.

Choose one of the following primary sources as the central focus of your presentation….

  1. Plato: “Allegory of the Cave”
  2. Lawrence and Lee: “Inherit the Wind”
  3. Charlie Chaplin: “Modern Times” (FILM)
  4. Mary Shelley: “Frankenstein”
  5. Steven Spielberg: “Jurassic Park” (FILM)

…and answer the following question:

Which scientific breakthrough or technological advance, in the context of the story and relevant to the setting, represents the biggest threat to humanity (as it exists in the story), and how/why?

You will construct your presentation much in the way you would a composition: in three stages/sections. Your introduction will preview your case, and include your proposition/thesis, provide brief background/history of your topic and definition of terms, as well as your arguments. Your body will detail three complete arguments, each with the inclusion of a claim (statement or opinion that requires proof), grounds (evidence/supporting material) and warrant (reasoning that explains/connects your evidence to the claim). Your conclusion will crystallize your position and case, and review your thesis and arguments, as well as include a closing statement that leaves a lasting impression.

In terms of conducting research and choosing material to support your case, you must use a minimum of three credible, outside sources. Quantitative and qualitative evidence is necessary for this assignment. You must introduce and cite your sources in your presentation, and provide a source folder at the conclusion of your presentation. Visual aids are permitted, but not required; PowerPoint presentations are prohibited.

In terms of grading, you will be evaluated on content, critical thinking and analysis structure and organization, language use (word choice and style), and presentation (verbal/visual) effectiveness; an evaluation rubric will be provided to you.

Research Presentation

Due in-class on, December 11th

Continued on Reverse Side

Your presentation should be between 3 – 5 minutes in duration, with an additional 1-minute, Q&A period, following your presentation.

This assignment is a visual presentation, requiring both video and audio engagement (microphone and camera). You have the option of delivering your presentation in class or recording your presentation (audio and video) for viewing in class.

Your topic and thesis/proposition must be approved by me, prior to completion!

Introduction Outline
1. Introduction. This gives the necessary background to the audience for them to understand

your position on the proposition. It should include:

  1. Attention Getter. An opening statement that engages the audience: a compelling piece of evidence (fact, quote, etc.), rhetorical question, personal story, etc.
  1. Thesis/Proposition. This should introduce your position, with practical effect. It should be specific. For example: “electricity posed the biggest threat to humanity in Frankenstein because it redefined when life begins/ends.”
  1. Definition of terms. For context in terms of qualifying your intentions, and for topic or field-specific jargon (science/technology as described in the narrative of the story you choose). Define the science/technology and qualify the “threat.”
  1. Brief summary and background. This gives a context to the speech and provides
    the audience with information they need to know in order to understand how
    you are approaching this topic. Explain the relationship between the story/characters and the science/technology that impacts them.
  1. Value statement. This is a general statement of belief – the principles you live by.
    The value statement relates to your opinion described in the proposition, as it relates to the human race in the story.
  1. Arguments. State the main points/reasons that support your position. Preview your claims and transition to your complete arguments with supporting evidence and reasoning, in the body of your presentation.
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