Advertising Management

Final Report

Final Report Paper:

Read and examine through the lecture thoroughly, pay attention to the ads provided through-out the lectures and use it to answer the 4 questions provided below.

Focused Analysis:

Write a report answering to the following questions:

  1. Using famous/popular person in the advertising used to be an effective way of delivering the brand value. Recently, however, we observe the cases where this strategy leads to controversy. First, take some examples discussed in class (refer to Lecture 2: Message Execution: Endorser & Influencer file for detail on endorser & influencer advertising and examples on real world case/company (YouTube video, ads picture/poster)), and discuss when relying on the endorsers can get risky, and then propose some better ways of utilizing persons in marketing communication to reduce this potential problem.
  2. Even though it is often considered as traditional media, outdoor advertising is still growing these days unlike other traditional media which are losing their status. First, describe the recent trend how outdoor advertising is evolving these days with some notable examples introduced in class (refer to Lecture 3: Media Planning file (especially slides 18 onward) for detail on outdoor advertising and examples on real world case/company (YouTube video, ads picture/poster)), and then identify the unique factors which allow outdoor ads to be a big growth in this fast-changing field unlike other traditional media.
  3. PR (publicity, sponsorship, event, CSR, CRM, etc.) has been a great way to induce positive publicity toward the companies. Take a couple of recent PR campaigns that you find impressive among the cases introduced in class (refer to Lecture 4: Public Relations: CSR, Publicity & Sponsorship file for detail on PR and examples on real world case/company (YouTube video, ads picture/poster)), and propose some desirable ways to conduct PR campaigns these days, and also discuss the expected effect better achieved by your suggested PR ideas compared to the traditional ads.
  4. Recently, companies are trying to deliver the brand value not only through the promotion strategy (e.g., advertising of PR campaigns) but through other 4P mix as well, for example, designing the product or place to represent the brand value. Suggest some engaging ways to do this with a couple of supporting examples introduced in class (refer to Lecture 1: The Role of Communication in Marketing file, especially last 4 slides for detail on 4P Mix and examples on real world case/company (youtube video, ads picture/poster)), and also talk about some possible mistakes when doing this with some questionable cases also introduced in class.

*** Important: Do not use examples/cases/ads other than the one provided in the lecture and try to incorporate the lecture material in your report. The report should also provide sufficient evidence to show that the entire lecture and ads was read and understood.


  • Be analytic, rather than merely factual or purely descriptive.
  • Prove and support your point. Any additional insight would be great.
  • Please note that clear, concise, and correct writing will be considered in the evaluation of this short paper. That is, you may lose points for writing that impedes communication: poor organization, weak paragraph development, excessive wordiness, hard-to-follow sentence structure, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. 
  • Provide the relevant source(s) if you use any other sources of information other than the one given to support or answer the questions.
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