Creativity and Innovation: WA # 2

Creativity and Innovation: WA # 2

Creativity and Innovation: WA # 2

The world is changing. For the most part, it now seems accurate to say that we cannot know for certain what the future will look like. Teachers are supposed to be preparing students for this future, yet how do we do so?  It is becoming more crucial for students to understand how to draw upon their intellectual training in new ways. 

How do schools foster “success” in an unpredictable world?

In this context, the skills of creativity and innovation may be essential.  It is a truism that success in the future will involve making new connections and coming up with new ideas, not simply using one’s training in a well-defined career. 

In this writing assignment, I invite students to practice creativity, innovation, and critical thinking.

The Association of American Colleges and Universities defines creative thinking as both the capacity to combine or synthesize existing ideas, knowledge, or expertise in new ways that enhance life. The experience of thinking, reacting, and working in an imaginative way requires innovation. 

What is innovation?

  • Observe intensely and notice what others do not.
  • Question. Don’t stop at the first idea or solution! Maintain intellectual curiosity
  • Associate things that others normally see as separate. (Make Connections/ synthesis!)
  • Network—actively participate in the unending conversation/ research
  • Boldly experiment with new ways of doing things

Innovation is creative work, very different from what many people would identify as the routines of day to day life. The learning objective: writers will resist the tendency to recycle ideas that are already out there. Innovation invites us to look at ideas that are less known, hidden, dormant or new–students will offer a revelatory perspective. 

Writing Assignment # 2: Creative Writing / Academic Writing

Choose a character we have read about this semester, minor or major, and write a reflective journal entry as if you are that character living in the world today. Take on the ethos and persona of this character.  What are your character’s thoughts and feelings right now? What are her or his deepest (and perhaps darkest) thoughts? What secrets does the character have?

 800 words or more

Actively seeks out and follows through on untested and potentially innovative directions; student approach to the assignment is creative and readers learn something useful about living life in an uncertain future.Incorporates new directions or approaches to the assignment. Considers new directions or approaches without going beyond the guidelines of the assignment. Student recycles ideas that already exist.Student stays strictly within the guidelines of the assignment. Plays it safe. No surprises. Student repeats common knowledge. 
Extends a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product to create new knowledge or knowledge that transcends boundaries.  Creates a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product.  Experiments with creating a novel or unique idea, question, format, or product.  Reformulates a collection of available ideas.  

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