How effective is physical exercise and diet in reducing obesity in people with severe mental illness.

Implementing evidence-based practice assignment.

TOPIC: How effective is physical exercise and diet in reducing obesity in people with severe mental illness.

This topic must focus on patient safety and experience.

Identify a research question, aim and objective related to practice and service users and carers concerns.


Rationale for asking this question: why are you asking this? Is there a lack of evidence in the existing literature?
Introduce how you formulated your question: you must use PICO/ PEO to clearly define your question.
Aims and objectives of this review.


You need to look at the evidence base for your chosen topic. This will require good literature searching skills and a clear account of the search strategy you used.
6 papers are recommended for this question.
Describe the search terms used.


Result of the search strategy: Describe your findings and use a table to depict results and place in appendices.

Use an appraisal tool to appraise the papers you have selected. Put this information in your appendices and refer to it.
Mention bias in terms of research methodology for the papers you have selected.


What are the main points of the literature in relation to your search question?
Are there any themes coming through? Is there a reliance on particular areas?


Consider how you would implement the approach in practice and with all the stakeholders.
Use OTTAWA MODEL for the implementation of the approach and justify.

Complete the essay with a brief conclusion drawing together the key ideas that specifically answered your research question and finally, the implication of your findings for practice.

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