Biological Warfare Response plan

Using the BWIRP to prepare a plan for the biological attack described in this scenario. Which steps from the BWIRP would you include and how would you implement them? Are there additional steps you would add to your plan? Consider how the event described here could be mitigated. Using headings, subheadings, and text, outline a biological mass casualty response plan for the town of Freedom Point.
This plan should outline the problems that will occur, in the order they will occur, during the first 3 days following a biological attack – starting when the first patient cluster starts to appear in the emergency room of the hospital of the town of Freedom Point.
Outline the immediate medical surge problems in the order they will occur. Using the town data supplied in the scenario, outline how these problems will be addressed.
Outline the problems that will occur over the next 3 days in the order they will occur and how these will be addressed using town resources.
Outline what outside assistance will be needed and outline a plan for the arrival of outside resources and their efficient utilization.
No comments or work related to law enforcement investigation or prevention measures against a biological attack. Deal strictly with detailing a plan that can temporarily manage the sudden influx of a large number of casualties and deaths, request and utilization for outside help, a command, control, communications system, emergency requisitions of available resources, community outreach program, etc..

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