Your Final Project is one of the most heavily weighted assignments of this course. The Final Project is meant to demonstrate both the culmination of your Berkeley scholarship as well as the depth of your on-the-job internship experience.

Write (5) full pages that analyze the internal and external environments for your organization. Then make recommendations. This paper must be in essay form. Make sure you use proper grammar and spell check. You will be marked both on your writing mechanics as well as the content of your paper. Use APA format. In addition to your (5) pages of content, please add a Title page, an Abstract page, and a References page.

Your internal analysis must include factors within your organization that might be considered a strength or a weakness and could be leveraged to take advantage of opportunities or reduce threats.
Specifically, you must analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each of the functions found in your organization (<link is hidden> Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Management (including HR), Research & Development, Production, and Information Systems. You are to assess how well these functions are performing, providing an in-depth discussion and analysis of resource levels and capabilities (how well these functions are using the resources to achieve organizational objectives). Do not simply describe how your organizational units perform their work.

Your external analysis must include factors outside your organization that may pose opportunities or threats to your organization. Specifically, you must analyze factors in the societal environment (demographics, economic, socio-cultural, political-legal, and technology) as well as factors in the industry environment (customers, competitors, and suppliers). Do not simply describe the external factors that you believe affect your business. You are required to provide the reader with a clear understanding of how the factors are related to the creation of opportunities or threats for your organization.

Once you have completed your SWOT analysis, the next step is to develop recommendations for your organization which could be implemented to take advantage of the opportunities and reduce the threats. Please be specific. Also, you must explain why you believe these actions would work and how you would go about implementing these recommendations.


Review Sample SWOT Paper for Format.

I would like you to use a specific format for your paper. Please start with a title page following APA format. Then, use the following headings (see SWOT sample for exact wording and placement) for your paper:

Abstract (separate page)

This is a brief paragraph which explains to the reader what the paper is all about in easy-to-understand terms touching on some key points of your report. It should contain about 150 words. The meaning of the SWOT topics should be included.

A brief SWOT Description/History of your Internship Company


List and discuss at least three major strengths of the company.


List and discuss at least three major weaknesses of the company.


List and discuss at least three major opportunities for this company.


List and discuss at least three major threats to this company’s business.


Discuss at least three major recommendations that you believe will help this organization grow. Be sure to provide your rationale for these recommendations and how they might be imple

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