The HGCRA 1996 in the UK has been described by some authors as an onerous piece of legislation

Question 1 – Discuss the detailed differences between the ‘set of adjudication rules’ from the following four institutes CIOB – Chartered institute of Building, CIARB – Chartered institute of Arbitrators, CIC – Construction Industry Council, RICS – Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and provide detailed reasons why you would recommend them in the case of a construction dispute. (250 words on each institute, and then 250 words for a detailed conclusion) – total = 1250 words

Question 2 The HGCRA 1996 in the UK has been described by some authors as an onerous piece of legislation. What particular obligations does the HGCRA require a construction contract to place on the Adjudicator and how have the Courts dealt with these obligations? – 750 words

Question 3 – (500 words) 5) You have been appointed as the adjudicator by the Chartered institute of Beavers (CIB) in respect of a construction dispute that has arisen between Flatlogs Structural and Technical Services Ltd (the Contractor) and Silverline Hoteliers Ltd (the Employer) with regards to a multi-million pound hotel and amusement park project in the Midlands. The Contractor is claiming almost a £1million in damages for breach of contract as it is loosely put, due to delay flowing from disparate variations suggested by the Employer occasioned by foundation failures and heave and subsidence related problems.
Draft a letter to the parties accepting the appointment and informing them of your fees and terms for conducting the adjudication. What other issues would you cover in this first letter to the parties?

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