UAV Charging Station

UAV Charging Station

The application of automated, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) is growing increasingly popular in recent years, as daily uses for drones become more mainstream. UAVs are now part of our everyday lives providing a variety of the services. However, a short battery life serves as a major restriction of the drone full utilization and has proven to be a hard issue to tackle. There are different charging solutions both existing and under research stage that could be implemented having their pros and cons.

The project aims to design a charging station/platform/pad in order to charge the drone. It is expected to operate wirelessly allowing landing the UAV n the station/platform/pad. It has to provide integration ability for the particular selected drone. The remote monitoring might be implemented too.

As a result, the proposed solution may completely or partially eliminate the need in manual battery charging of the particular UAVs.

Write the literature review section of your final report. Make sure to include all the papers that you found; do not forget the references

The literature review shall include the following sections:

  1. Problem statement (Introduction) – 3 pages

Where you provide the justification & facts (some graphs, pictures, clarification about the existing problem, and a need of solving this existing problem). In fact, here you answer on question: Why do we need this project?

 Note: the problem statement is already written (refer page 3 of this file), however you need to enhance it more to suit small and medium sized drones (not specifically for military) and to suite the above requirement.

  • Final list of the criteria & constraints (Design requirements) – 3 to 4 pages

Set up all possible and logical design requirements & constraints here related to the project, and explain them (you can create Table, but give some analysis too).

Note: the table is already prepared (refer page 5 of this file). However, you need to start this section by one or two paragraphs and then insert the table. After that, write a small description for each one. Hint: you may follow the same style of attached file titled “Graduation Project” page 7 of 41

  • Reference list

Total number of references shall not be less than 8 (other than those cited in this file) cited in IEEE style

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