Potter Box for Journalistic Ethical Dilemma

Section Final During finals week, you will have a section final in addition to the full class final in which you will have to complete a full Potter Box analysis using a new case study and the ethical framework of your choice. The final will be graded on explanation of relevant facts, ethical principles, and the application of your chosen framework to the example given.

You are a reporter for a local television station, and your station bosses are debating an offer by the governor to let them broadcast live the execution of a convicted killer by lethal injection. The governor is a former news anchor for your television station, and when he was working for the station, he covered the case of the condemned killer who murdered a mother and her daughter by slitting their throats after they testified against him at his rape trial (they knew the rape victim, and they had seen the convicted rapist leaving her house). The rapist-murderer committed the murders while he was out on work release, and the news anchor-turned-politician used his criticism of the state’s lax parole policies to catapult himself into the governor’s seat. The three other competing television stations have turned down the governor’s offer on the grounds that it is a publicity ploy by the governor and something that is not in the best interest of society for viewers to witness. But your station – which editorialized in favor of its former news anchor for governor and his proposals for doing away with prisoner work release plans – thinks it might be a big ratings draw. You are debating whether or not to be the lead reporter covering the execution, even though you personally oppose the death penalty and have serious misgivings about whether broadcasting the execution is good for society. Your station editor has told you that – if the station goes ahead – it will be a big coup for your career and a chance to get local as well as national exposure. She also noted that polls show the public would like to see the execution on television. Tomorrow there will be a final editorial meeting where the station’s editors will make a final decision. You will be at that meeting and can be expected to be asked your opinion, as well as whether or not you are willing to cover the execution. Analyze this dilemma with the help of the Potter Box by using the values and principles of philosophers and moral figures that you believe are appropriate to the analysis. Finally, discuss where your loyalties lie and tell me what you would decide to do if you are asked to cover the execution and why.

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