Form a hypothetical portfolio of any 10 stocks

2. The first paragraph should be ‘Executive Summary’. It should summarize your portfolio’s overall performance during the semester. And you should compare your portfolio’s performance with a benchmark, such as, S&P 500 index performance during the same period.

3. Analyze the risk profile of your portfolio. Get each stock’s beta and its weight in your portfolio and calculate your portfolio’s beta.

4. Explain what type of stocks you selected based upon the key variables you just collect. Are they large stocks (large market cap, usually greater than 10 billion)? Are they growth stocks (high P/E and P/S ratios)? Are they hot stocks (relative high past 6 month return and past 12 month return)?

5. Tell me what you were thinking when you bought these stocks. Or, what made you decide to buy or short these stocks.

6. For the top 5 stocks (the 5 stocks that received the top 5 weights in the portfolio) in your portfolio, list the following key variables for each stock in a table.

7. Reflect on the stocks and how they changed overtime!

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