Week 3 Assignment – Developing a Theory of Terrorism

Week 3 Assignment – Developing a Theory of Terrorism

The Developing a Theory of Terrorism paper should be submitted to the Assignments Link by the end of Week 3, Sunday, by 11:55 pm ET.


Craft a five (5) to six (6) page (not including cover, abstract, or reference page) paper developing a model or theory of terrorism.
Using any combination of theoretical, social, cultural, or other propositions from the course materials, create your model/theory in such a way that it best represents your understanding of the motivations of terrorism.
Ground the theory developed in psychological, social, political, religious, or other foundational basis.
Identify the ways in which terrorist behavior is influenced by internal, environmental, and socio-cultural factors.
In your model/theory, some areas you may want to discuss are the psychological motivations, perceptions of reward, social factors, influence of the group, religious motivations, political motivations, inspiring others, and other similar areas.
Provide details and examples of existing models/theories and terrorism events within your work.
Details and examples should substantiate your model/theory, providing support for the propositions made.
Close with a brief discussion of the effectiveness of terrorism in meeting the goals of the organization or the individual actor.
Include references to the available course materials, citing a minimum of four (4) scholarly sources.
Papers should be formatted according to APA style.
Include a separate title page.
In-text citations.
Reference page for all sources cited in-text.

The textbook used is The Moral Psychology of Terrorism : Implications for Security
by Jalil Roshandel , and Nathan Lean

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