HACCP (Canned food (any) Should be International

Food safety management system is crucial in any food industries to ensure the good quality of the product that reach the consumers, one of the most common is Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). Pretend that you are the consultant hire by a medium size local company to conduct a HACCP plan for one of their product. Based on the food product that is assigned to you, develop a good HACCP plan for the product. In the HACCP plan, you must include the followings:

1. Preliminary steps

a. Background of the company

b. The assembly of HACCP team

c. Product description and the intended use of product

d. Process flow diagram

e. Pre-requisite program

2. The SEVEN principles of HACCP plan

a. Conduct a hazard analysis

b. Determine the Critical Control Points (CCPs)

c. Establish critical limits

d. Establish procedures

e. Establish corrective actions

f. Establish verification procedures

g. Establish record-keeping and documentation procedures.

Format of the assignment

Font: Arial

Font size:11

Font size (Heading):14

Margin:2.0 cm each side


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