A business report with a financial analysis of Manchester City Football Club

Using the annual reports of Manchester City Football Club (MC) write a business
report on the financial position of the club.

The context is that a potential new supplier to MC would like a thorough analysis
of MC’s financial position. The report should provide a commentary of MC’s financial position and a detailed analysis of the financial statements. It should critically assess all the available information to provide an overview of the organisation’s past and current performance.

Four years of annual reports for MC are provided to use in the analysis.
Please study the marking rubric attached to see how the marks for the assignment is split.

You will also need to follow the APA referencing guidelines (7th edition) for all the sources used.

The report may be shared as a Word document. You would also share your supporting
calculations spreadsheet.

The following content is NOT included in a final word count:
• Reference list
• Bibliography
• Appendices
• Equations
• Front cover sheet

The following content IS included in a final word count:
• Title
• Contents page
• Abstract
• Executive summary
• Main body of text
• Words used in tables, graphs and other forms of data presentation (including titles of figures)
• In-text quotations
• In-text references
• Footnotes
• Section headings

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