Nurse Practitioner Capstone

Please review the Capstone Guidelines and the expectations for demonstrating the use
of NONPF core competencies and MSN Essentials integrating evidence in clinical
practice. As a piece of your Capstone research topic, you will choose a patient that you
have interacted with during your clinical experiences as a case study or exemplar of the
topic you have been investigating. For example, if you have looked at barriers to health
care compliance, you will speak with a client who is struggling to keep appointments or
take their medications as directed. Write up a case presentation using the following
 Introduction
 Clinical Presentation of Patient Encounter
 Ecomap and Genogram
 Environmental assessment
 Differential Diagnosis / Pathophysiology
 Treatment/Diagnostic Work-up
 Follow up
 Billing Code (ICD-10 and CPT codes)
 Education
This paper should be limited to approximately 4000 words, not inclusive of title page or
This is to serve as a guide for starting the Capstone. See “Capstone rough draft rubric”
for specific details.

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