Statement of Purpose Guidelines

Statement of Purpose Guidelines


A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is required for admission consideration. The SOP will help the admission panel better understand you, your experiences, your readiness to complete doctoral study, and how you will add value to the cohort. Provide relevant information that demonstrates your commitment to educational leadership in rural and diverse organizations and communities.


Use approximately 750 to 1500 words, 1.5-3 pages of single-spaced (3-6 pages of double-spaced), 12-point font to concisely inform the admission panel of your exceptional promise for doctoral study in the first cohort of candidates. The Statement of Purpose MUST be submitted as a PDF file.


In addition to learning more about your suitability as a doctoral candidate in the doctoral program at SAU, the Statement of Purpose serves as your writing sample. Demonstrate succinct, engaging, professional writing competencies.


The following competencies set the minimum standard for admission into the program. Please consider these concepts as a basis for self-reflection and development of your Statement of Purpose.

Education Preparation Provider Advance Program Competencies

Academic Responsibility
Candidate participates fully in course activities and meets all deadlines.
Candidate is receptive to constructive criticism, and accepts and adjusts performance accordingly.
Candidate demonstrates self-reflective practices.
Candidate successfully collaborates with others.
Diverse Perspective
Candidate seeks to understand multiple perspectives.
Professional Ethics
Candidate demonstrates adherence to codes of ethics and professional standards.
Candidate demonstrates respect for the profession, school and self.
Professional Maturity
Candidate consistently maintains composure and appropriate behavior regardless of circumstance.
Candidate demonstrates initiative by anticipating and solving problems.
Candidate demonstrates fluidity in their learning process.

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