Evaluation of recombinant adenovirus for vaccines and therapies


The suggested word count for each section are just a guide to arrive at the overall word count of 5000 words 

Title- Evaluation of recombinant adenovirus for vaccines and therapies.  Uses of adenovirus and research in COVID-19


This is a short summary of your whole project. Suggested 250 words.

  1. Introduction

 This sets the scene for your project and provides a review of the current knowledge. This will cover the current state-of-the-art background knowledge to your topic, identifying any knowledge gaps and leading to a summary of your hypothesis and specific aims and objectives. Suggested 1250 words.

  • Aims

This section will also include a short critique of the most appropriate methods that can be used to meet your project aims, and a justification for your method of choice. Suggested 750 words.

  • Materials and methods

how you carried out the collection of your data / information to analyse in order to test your hypothesis. This will also include a summary of specific analytically (statistical) techniques used. material, mini method for each of them 25 references and paragraphs for each of the research based on method eg gene. Suggested 750 words.

  • Results

here you present the results of your investigation. Numerical methods, table and data, own graphs size of gene inserted and show variations. Suggested 1000 words.

  • Discussion/ conclusion

here you can discuss your findings and present a final summary conclusion. Explain what the data and result means, bring in other references and studies. Suggested 1000 words

  • References
  • Appendices
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