Identify the four (4) elements of a project as provided within the Kloppenborg definition.

Task 1:

Please respond to the following discussion with a well thought out response with relating to at least one source (cite using APA)

  • Research the Internet and locate an article(s) that discusses factors to project success or failure. Identify 2-3 factors and elaborate on them to your peers. Note: don’t just copy and paste – synthesis into your own words.
  • Based on what you learned from the week introduction, PMI journal article, and other research, how would you define the main purpose of monitoring and controlling a project

Task 2

Provide a graduate-level response, utilizing material from the weekly reading to each of the following questions:

1) What is the definition of a project? How are projects different from ongoing operations?

2) Identify the four (4) elements of a project as provided within the Kloppenborg definition. How would you describe/define these four elements?

3) List and describe four common causes of project failure.

4) Describe and contrast project managers and functional managers.

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