Subject: Marketing Strategies

Subject: Marketing Strategies

Q1. When we talk about promotional mix what exactly do we mean and how does this help us in our marketing process? After reviewing this week’s resources and your research, in your own words how would you explain promotional mix and how it helps in the marketing process? Share one of the elements and apply it to a product you personally use. How would use the element to promote the product for a new market segment and why?

Note: 250 words with intext citations and 2 references must.

Subject: Principles of Data Management


  1. Discuss the distinctions between data, information, and knowledge. Which, if any, is most important, and why, from a management and business perspective.

Note: 200 words with intext citations and 2 references must.

  • Write what do you want to learn and what learning outcomes expecting for the course Principles of Data Management.

Note: 200 words with intext citations and 2 references must.

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