• 1. A. Research the delivery, finance, management, and sustainability methods of the U.S. health care system. 
  • B. Evaluate the effectiveness of one or more of these areas on quality patient care and health outcomes. 
  • C.Propose a potential health care reform solution to improve effectiveness in the area you evaluated and predict the expected effect. 
  • D. Describe the effect of health care reform on the U.S. health care system and its respective stakeholders. 
  • E.Support your post with a peer-reviewed journal article. 

2. The Affordable Care Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in March 2010. Many of the provisions of the law directly affect health care providers. Review the following topic materials:

  1. “About the Affordable Care Act”
  2. “Health Care Transformation: The Affordable Care Act and More”

What are the most important elements of the Affordable Care Act in relation to community and public health? What is the role of the nurse in implementing this law?

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