People And Culture


There is an increasing awareness across business thought leaders that people and culture hold the key to organisational success. In the context of major shifts in the workplace, including new business models demanding new skillsets, greater workforce instability, increased multiculturalism and a renewed focus on gender, the complexities of this business function have never been greater. 

In this unit students will examine what inclusion and diversity means in the workplace, how to strengthen organisations through employees and how to manage organisational change. In particular, students will reflect upon their own experiences and current people management practices to critically evaluate their effectiveness in these areas. A focus upon the changing nature of the workforce will encourage students to think beyond what has always been done to how they need to adapt to the 21st century innovation economy. 

You may frame your reflection through the following two options. 

1. A personal incident or experience relevant to the subject you are studying. 

2. A recent incident or event reported on in the media relevant to the subject you are studying. 

Use concepts and/or theories contained within the subject as lenses to frame your analysis and, based on your insights, draw conclusions and make recommendation for contemporary management practice and/or your own growth and development within a Data and Cyber Management context. 


2000 words (10% allowable either way) 


Requirements Includes journals, papers and books sourced from the library or other university resources, APA or Chicago Author Date referencing system, Journal Articles; one (1) academic or research reference per 200 words. 


You may want to use the following structure to format your Subject Reflection. 

• Introduction 

• Discussion 

• Conclusions and recommendations 

• References* 

*excluded from word count 

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