Systems Engineering Paper


Discuss your proposed project, and provide a brief synopsis of your plan to develop your SEP document and how you might satisfy the main content areas of the SEP. Your submission may be subject to change as you develop your SEP, so consider this as an opportunity to explore your initial ideas and to gain from the input of other students to help develop your plan.

Post your initial response by the fourth day of the module week. Reply to one other student’s post; look first for a colleague who doesn’t have any replies.
Refer to the rubric for detailed grading information. Please read these instructions for information on accessing the discussion rubric.

Select a real-world system to focus on as part of your SEP development project that will be used throughout the course. SEP-related work will include an analysis of overall project objectives, budgets, schedules, requirements, performance, risks, and program management. Careful selection of an appropriate system for your SEP will help support your SEP development.

Select a project that is reasonably complex but one that will allow you to find data required to complete the assignments through the remaining course module assignments!

The Systems Engineering Paper will be developed progressively through the course, so you will not be put in a position in which you will have to try to complete a large assignment in the last couple of weeks of the course.

Please submit your SEP Proposal by the end of the module week. Your proposal should include:

1. Title of the project
2. General description of the project
3. Description of how the project is systems engineering related
4. Identification of 4 key events, covering the concept phase of the project, which:
a. Identifies when the events will occur
b. Identifies how the events will be performed and who will be involved
c. Briefly identifies why the events are needed and will be performed.
As part of your weekly project status tracking, use the SYSE-697 Project Student Progress Tracker (xlsx) as a means to self-identify areas of weakness in your project development and to spur discussion with the instructor:

• Progressively update the Student Progress Tracker in accordance with your accumulated progress in completing the 12 listed categories on a weekly basis. Be realistic and honest in your progress self-assessments as they will provide feedback to your course instructor to help identify areas of lagging SEP development. You are not obligated to share your progress details with other students but should regularly share your progress with the instructor (see below).
• Provide copies of your Student Progress Tracker to your instructor for discussion during the required conferences in module weeks 1, 4, and 7. You may voluntarily share your progress status at other times as well. In addition, your instructor may request a copy of your progress Student Progress Tracker at other times during the course at the discretion of the instructor.
In addition, please review the following presentation material prior to submitting your course proposal to your instructor:

• SYSE-697 Module 1 Presentation – SEP Development and Course Schedule (pptx)
• SYSE-697 Sample Risk Management Presentation (pptx)
• SYSE-697 Sample Program Schedule Analysis Review (pptx)
Save your assignment using a naming convention that includes your first and last name and the activity number (or description). Do not add punctuation or special characters.

Refer to the rubric for detailed grading information.

SYSE 697 1.3 CoA GR Case Study and Writing Assignments Rubric V2
SYSE 697 1.3 CoA GR Case Study and Writing Assignments Rubric V2
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeAnalysis / Interpretation / Application
The writing is demonstrative of student selection and performance of appropriate analysis, evaluation, and/or synthesis of material relevant to the subject topic. Topical focus and relevancy is identified and includes conclusions or recommendations. In addition, it demonstrates that the student has gained understanding of the topic beyond the information presented in the readings.
40 pts
Exceeds Standards
36 pts
Meets Standards
32 pts
Does Not Meet Standards

Module 1 SYSE 697

2 homeworks in this module

How can I implement a systems Engineering model into this my work for the steam plant

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