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Primary and Secondary Research

Project 1 Primary and Secondary Research

This assignment has three parts: an annotated bibliography, interview plan and reflection. Please read through this document before proceeding.To support your analysis of a problem, you need to present evidence that readers will consider persuasive. In addition to your own observations and experience, there are three basic types of information you will be relying on:

The results of empirical studies or historical research found in scholarly and popular books, in journals, and on websites. This is typically called secondary research, as it is research originally conducted by someone else, usually a scholar. This kind of research is often used to provide a more general or bird’s-eye view of a specific issue.Documents from government sites, press releases, corporate documents, popular news articles, magazines….

Cancer Research

At a minimum the essay should include the following:

What was the state of the field prior to the study taking place ??What is the hypothesis(es) of the paper ?What were two significant experiments (why were they done, how were they done and how were they interpreted). Include the relevant figures. Do not discuss more than two ?What is the overall significance of the findings ? Please include no more than 5 references. The word limit is 1500 words and does not include the figure legends or the reference list. (75% of total exam mark)Next, write a brief research proposal that follows on from the paper you have chosen. The proposal should be realistic in its methods and goals. It should discuss the methodology, but should not be….

Developing a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice

Developing a Culture of Evidence-Based Practice

As your EBP skills grow, you may be called upon to share your expertise with others. While EBP practice is often conducted with unique outcomes in mind, EBP practitioners who share their results can both add to the general body of knowledge and serve as an advocate for the application of EBP.

In this Discussion, you will explore strategies for disseminating EBP within your organization, community, or industry.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on the various strategies presented throughout the course that may be helpful in disseminating effective and widely cited EBP.

This may include: unit-level or organizational-level presentations, poster presentations, and podium presentations at organizational, local, regional, state, and national levels, as well as publication in peer-reviewed journals.


Consider the VRINO framework from the “Internal Analysis”

  Discussion Topic 1 of 2: 

(1) (As you’ve done before) identify an industry or “type of company” (you don’t have to “name any names”) in which you have worked in the past.(2) Consider the VRINO framework from the “Internal Analysis” sections in the book, lecture videos, and my summary. What, would you say, is a competitively valuable resource that your ORGANIZATION possessed? 

**In terms of a “word count” guideline, roughly 300-400 words is a good target. No need to post the entire VRINO analysis (please don’t…just your synthesis of your thinking) !



Discussion Topic 2 of 2:

JIT, VRINO, VIMOSA, ROA…acronyms are all around us. For better or worse, acronyms are part of the internal language and routines of an organization. What are some of the most ridiculous AND most useful acronyms….

What are the cornerstones of L’Oreal’s marketing?

Henderson, Rebecca M. and Ryan Johnson (2012), “L’Oréal: Global Brand, Local Knowledge,” Pages 1-14. Harvard Business School.  Product 9-311-118.

Electronic copies of the cases can be purchased for approximately at Harvard Business Publishing. Access: https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/794326 (Links to an external site.)

Due:  Sun Sept 27 @10:00pm  NOTE: Original Post due @10:00pm; Reply Post due @11:30pm.

Answer ALL Discussion Forum Questions and Reply to at least 1 other student’s post.  Please give reasons WHY when giving your opinions.

L’Oreal is a large CPG company and has built, maintained and adjusted its marketing capabilities over time. Students are to examine the top capabilities of L’Oreal, probing why and how these strengths emerged. Think about potential tradeoffs that come with those choices. Think about comparison firms (i.e., Proctor & Gamble (P&G)) and executing different strategies or….

Write a statement of purpose why you are applying for Masters program in Environmental science after completing BSc in same program

Please describe your short and long term academic/professional goals. What do you hope to do after you finish your graduate degree (Msc)  in Environmental Science in 750 words ? 

Write a statement of purpose why you are applying for Masters program in Environmental science after completing BSc in same program (750 words)

Write a letter to your intending supervisor applying for him to accept you as a graduate student who wants to work on the below research topic ‘ Transport, fate, effect and removal of persistent and emerging contaminants, inland/marine oil spill response and cleanup, site remediation in harsh environments ”. Cite examples and other supporting reasons why you should be considered (750 words )

How is it that Six Sigma and lean are compatible improvement methods when they are so different?

How is it that Six Sigma and lean are compatible improvement methods when they are so different?  –  Are they really different?  Aren’t they connected?  Consider that Six Sigma implementations may cost money and require personnel, and seem to be counter-effective to operating lean.  But what about resulting cost savings by reducing waste?


As you know all companies are facing challenges regarding talent surplus. COVID 19 has made it very difficult to plan for talent management. The decrease in market activity has been devastating for most companies.  There are so many discussions in the media and the academic world regarding this particular issue. Look at what is happening as the unemployment numbers are increasing day by day. Keep in mind that talent is a company’s capital, and….

The culture of the organization can impact the effectiveness of different project management structures

Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 3Reflection and Discussion Forum Week 3Reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Identify what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding.Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions: The culture of the organization can impact the effectiveness of different project management structures. Organizational cultures that do not encourage teamwork, collaboration, and cross-functional integration need a stronger project management structure (i.e., project team, project matrix) to be successful. Conversely, a functional matrix can be effective in an organization in which the culture of the organization is conducive to project management. Respond to the post of at least two peers, using  100 words minimum each.

The Sancturay of School’

The Norton Sampler the two essays ” The Sancturay of School” and ”Like Mexican’s” are about the childhood experiences of two very different writers. What personality traits or characteristics do they show through their descriptions in the essay? which of these traits seem to be learned or adopted as a response to their experiences?