Cancer Research

At a minimum the essay should include the following:

  1. What was the state of the field prior to the study taking place ??
  2. What is the hypothesis(es) of the paper ?
  3. What were two significant experiments (why were they done, how were they done and how were they interpreted). Include the relevant figures. Do not discuss more than two ?
  4. What is the overall significance of the findings ?
  • Please include no more than 5 references. The word limit is 1500 words and does not include the figure legends or the reference list. (75% of total exam mark)
  • Next, write a brief research proposal that follows on from the paper you have chosen. The proposal should be realistic in its methods and goals. It should discuss the methodology, but should not be as detailed as research paper. You should discuss possible outcomes and potential follow-up experiments. You may include one figure if needed. The word limit is 500 words and does not include figure legends or the references. (25% of total exam mark).
  • Simple sentence not complexes to reach the word limit.
  • Please upload your on Turnitin upload area.
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