Assessing, Managing And Mitigating Risk

Assessing Risk – In this part of the course project, you will analyze a past project you have worked on. Think back to a project that’s now completed. It can be one for which you yourself were the project manager, or one in which you were a contributor. By remembering back to assess what the risks might have been, and why they were present, and analyzing the outcomes, you will be better positioned to assess risk the next time it presents itself.

 Examining Risk – Now that you have had a chance to think about risk within a project-management context and to apply some of the strategies you have explored, you are ready to consider how the lessons and concepts presented in this module relate to your own work. Refer to a project that you are involved with currently and are very familiar with, or to a project you have worked on in the past that you understood well. 

 Applying Strategies to Mitigate Risk – Now you will consider applying strategies to mitigate risk. Consider the mitigations you could apply to this project and how they would change that project network

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