Describe your experiences with social skills interventions

Behavior Analysis ABA

Describe your experiences with social skills interventions. 

Describe a behavioral reductive technique used to address the social skill concern. 

What was the end result?

  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
  2. Navigate to Discussion 1.3 and Discussion 2.3 to review threads for this ongoing conversation.
  3. If your initial statement post from Workshop One was replied to by a student with differing viewpoints, you need to respond to that student.  
  4. If for some reason your initial statement was not responded to, then go in and help defend or bolster a fellow student’s original positions.
  5. In either case (Instruction 3 or 4), you will need to copy and paste the posts that you are responding to in your thread prior to composing your rebuttal.
  6. Summarize your ethical position of the Borland case.  Emphasize the strengths of your position.
  7. The rebuttal response must be at least 100 words and is due by the end of the workshop. 
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