Marketing Report Paper

A Marketing report paper: Minimum of 10 pages(4500 words), may include graphs and pictures not bigger than ¼ of page size each, proper grammar, APA style citation, no spelling mistakes.

Report Paper:

Each group must select a company for the purpose of research and analysis.

This company could be marketing any type of product or service and may be located anywhere in the world.

Research the following for your selected company and write your findings in an organized manner following APA Style citations.

Introduce your company, the name, industry, where it is located, how big or small are they, brief history, any significant achievements etc.

The company mission statement?

What does the brand stand for and how do they communicate this to their customers?

Private or Public Company?

Products and/or services

What is the value proposition of the company to the customers

Product value delivery network: (Value chain, suppliers, distributors, customers)

BCG Growth-Share Matrix Analysis for the products, which one is star, cash cow etc.

Marketing Mix Analysis (4 Ps)

Market share of the company’s product(s) in comparison to the competition

Who is their competition, why?

How do they differentiate themselves?

Customer target/Demographics (Who is the customer)

SWOT Analysis for the company

What kind of marketing do they do, give examples, give reference of min. 3 marketing channels they are using

Why do you think they picked the above channels for marketing?

Are they successful in marketing? Why do you think? Yes or No short answer is not accepted, you must analyze and give examples why you think so.

How do they build a relationship with their customers

How do they keep their existing customer and how do they capture new customers?

Is the company doing anything in terms of social responsibility, ethics, and sustainable operation or products? Give examples and analyse why?

Are they using any of the above mentioned in their marketing strategy? (Ethics, sustainability, green practices etc)

How do they develop their products and services, how often do they introduce new products or services?

How do they use technology to benefit their marketing efforts?

How and where do they sell their products, why?

Are they growing globally or focusing on a small market? Why not?

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