An Amazing Story from 9-11 You Probably Haven’t Heard By Meridian Magazine· March 7, 2017

  1.    What is the title of this essay?


2.     Just based on the title, what do you think this essay is about?

3.     What do you already know about the subject?

4.     When was the essay written (exact date)?


5.     Is it current or old?

  [     ]    Current (within the last year)

  [     ]    Old (older than one year)

6.     Where was the essay published (newspaper / magazine / textbook / etc.)?

  [     ]    Magazine (online or in paper form)

  [     ]    Newspaper (online or in paper form)

  [     ]    Textbook

7.     Who wrote it?


8.     Is the author male or female?


9.     Do you know anything about this author?  If yes, what do you know about him/her?

10.   Now read the essay, marking the information that is crucial and/or interesting to you.  Also,

        be sure to look up vocabulary words you are unfamiliar with.  Remember to figure out what

        the essay is about!!

11.   Mark / take note of the factual information that you want to retain.

12.   What is the main point?

13.   Is the main point stated or implied?

   [     ]   Stated (written directly in the essay)

   [     ]   Implied (not written directly in the essay)

14.   What is one item you have learned from reading this essay?

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