Assignment: Personal TOWS Matrix

MGMT4020 Strategic Management

Week 2 Assignment: Personal TOWS Matrix

Objective: To gain a better understanding of TOWS through application


  • Acceptable formats include: Word, Excel, and PPT
  • You may use the matrix provided, or find or develop your own
  • Responses should show a logical thought process and should provide sufficient detail


  • Scores will be based on clarity and completeness of the information you provide

Task: Develop a TOWS Matrix based on your own personal situation (this will be used in an assignment in Week 3)

 1: Read “How to Conduct a Personal SWOT Analysis”

“How to conduct a personal SWOT analysis,” Quast, L. Forbes, 4/15/2013.

While this article focuses on SWOT and not TOWS, it provides great information to help steer you in the right direction for conducting a personal analysis on your competitive position in the market place.

2: Use what you have learned about TOWS to direct the information from the Forbes article from SWOT to TOWS, and develop your own personal TOWS Matrix.

                                                                Internal Factors


             External Factors
Internal Strengths (S)Internal Weaknesses (W)




External Opportunities (O)O1_____________________


SO StrategiesWO Strategies
External Threats (T)T1_____________________


ST StrategiesWT Strategies
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