Media Use Diary Assignment

Media Use Diary Assignment

The goal of this exercise is to learn more about your own media behavior in terms of how you use the media and how much you use them.

For 1 week, keep a diary in which you log all your media use. Record the medium you used, when you used it, and what kind of material you were consuming (i.e., what show you were watching, which book you were reading, what social media network you were posting to). After you have completed the diary, calculate the total amount of time you spent with each medium (newspapers, books other than textbooks, magazines, recorded music, radio, television, movies, and the Internet).

Then write a 3–4-page essay that summarizes your media behavior.  Draw some conclusions about how you use the media.  What benefits do you derive from the media, and how do you think your media consumption might affect you?


  • Double-spaced
  • 12pt
  • Times New Roman
  • 3-5 pages (title page not included)
  • Title Page
  • Minimum 3 in-text citation (1 must be the textbook)
  • Reference Page (MLA or APA format)
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