Provide And Discuss An Example Of Innovation That Could Support The Delivery Of Sustainable Development In Construction

The following is the questions making up D30IC coursework in this semester. it covers the areas of: Innovation The question test the depth of student understanding of the concepts, processes and technologies, as well as the student ability to present them in a synthetic manner. An important learning outcome is t demonstrate the understanding of the linkages among those concepts, processes and technologies. Each of your submissions be made within two weeks following the completion of the lectures on that area. Each question carries 25 marks to the final assessment. The coursework should be prepared using the provided Coursework Template and must be submitted to Turnitin by the indicated deadlines. Academic and professional (or industrial) references (and/or examples) shall be included to support your arguments. The coursework length should be in between 300 and 500 words. The length of your submission depends on the scope of the questions, so don’t feel you necessarily have to reach 500 words. It’s about quality, not quantity.

Provide and discuss an example of innovation that could support the delivery of sustainable development in construction. Justify in which of the above innovation types you would classify your example innovation.

below is the attached template indicating the required format.

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