Applying concepts,theories, and principles learned in NUR4827C Leadership in Nursing


The leadership project is an activity designed to assist students in applying concepts,theories, and principles learned in NUR4827C Leadership in Nursing. You should develop this project in conjunction with your professor This will be in response to an identified need based on your own clinical practice.  Please do not use staffing, patient acuity, or any issues such as these for your project. These issues can not be changed by a staff nurse; it is out of scope of your practice.

Based on the AACN’ Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Nursing, 2009), the student will identify a quality care or patient safety issue that exists in their clinical setting and create a proposal with goals, objectives, and strategies to address the issue.  This project will integrate and demonstrate leadership and/ or management qualities which include:

  • identification of the problem, data collection, research review and interprofessional communication.
  • Included are elements of budgeting, staffing, staff and patient satisfaction, and measurable elements that can be evaluated. 
  • The project will require collaboration with quality councils, finance, nursing and other departments. 
  • The proposed project may be presented to the leadership of the facility. 
  • Course faculty will guide the students in completion of this assignment.  Your implementation and measurement strategies must be developed from evidence-based literature and be presented in correct APA format.


The project will first be  written in the format of a proposal paper and submitted to your professor for approval. It must be approved by your professor. The proposal should include the following:

  • Clear Definition of the Leadership or Management Problem. (Note- you may not use a previous topic from another course – See academic Integrity policy of FSW)
  • How the need was identified and the significance for nursing practice.
  • Description of the stakeholders, financial considerations, regulatory/ legal components, resources potentially needed to implement the project.
  • Specific, Measurable, and realistic Goals of the Project
  1. At least 3 References/evidence-based research related to the problem. (Include title page and reference page). All references must be no older than the past 3-5 years.
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