California Southern Coast Ranges

Assignment Instructions

First: visit this page and obtain the name of your region. Next to each student surname is a California region. This is your assigned region that you will be using for this assignment. If you joined the class after Sunday, January 17, then you need to contact me if you don’t see your name and assigned region on the list.

In this assignment you will be asked to research and summarize three articles on your assigned region that are no more than one year old (online and in library databases). The article must be relatively “recent.” This is NOT a report about your region. It is a summary of three separate articles only that relate to your region.

Make sure the articles fit your region. Consult the physiographic map on p. 12 of the textbook and read the section of Chapter 1 that describes your assigned region. Note major cities, transportation network, major features, or any other distinguishing information.

If you are uncertain about the boundaries of your region, please email me. It’s perfectly okay not to be familiar with parts of the state, that’s why you are in this class.

Two examples of what not to do: Google “Cascade Range” and summarize an article about the Cascade Ranges in Washington State. Read the article and make sure it pertains to California.

Similar example, Google “Peninsular Ranges” and write a summary of an article that covers Baja California in Mexico. Yes, the Peninsular Ranges extend beyond the International Border into Mexico. Again, read the article. Does the information make sense with the description you read in Selby?

Second: the three articles must deal with some aspect of the Human-Environment Interaction in your region. The major question is: How have people been influenced by the resources found in this region? In turn, how have people affected the physical environment of the region.

The physical environment is defined as: geology, soils, biology, climate and water resources. The focus of each article should be physical environment of a region and the interaction of people with that physical environment.

Make sure you understand the article. You do not have to select an article to summarize if you do not understand it because it is a detailed scientific paper. Pick another article.

Third: the three articles must be <link is hidden> is, published either in 2019 and 2020. No exceptions.

Articles can appear in a newspaper, magazine, professional journal, or proceedings from a meeting. The article must have an identified author or authors.

Articles that are NOT acceptable for this assignment:

This means you cannot use Wikipedia, Encylopedia Britannica or any online encyclopedia website as a source because they do not have identifiable authors.

The article cannot be an informational page on a governmental website. This can cause some confusion–NO .gov websites because many of their articles are also unauthored and undated.

The “article” cannot be an opinion piece or “letters to the editor.”

Also, articles deemed not acceptable include those that detail criminal acts or are of commercial interest (an article that is written to promote a business such as the opening of a resort or a travel article recommending tours and sight-seeing).

If you aren’t sure about the acceptability of a source, then send me an e-mail through Canvas’ Inbox and I’ll tell you whether or not it is acceptable. I’m here to help you through this learning process.

Format of this assignment.

The paper must be turned in as either a .doc or .docx format. No other formats will be accepted.
Three summaries of three articles related to physical geography and human interaction that answer these questions:
Where the issue or situation is located within the region?
What is the issue or situation?
Why is it being reported?
How is this issue being solved or not solved?
What does the future hold if things continue as they are (get better, worse, or stay the same)?
You have to use your judgement with all of these questions because not all may apply. If you are unsure, email me a link or a copy of the article to class and ask me.
The article summaries must be in your own words with very limited quotes (less than twenty words of direct quotes tops in each summary).
Links to all three articles must be included in the bibliography of your paper.
You must cite the articles in MLA format.
MLA citations of the three articles (refer to Term Paper & MLA Handouts from Shasta College Module

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