Evolution And Mating Practice

Please watch the following YouTube video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXQwtTOnLvg) which complements the material covered in the evolutionary perspective chapter, the psychosocial perspective chapter(s), and the first article about which you will write a review paper this semester. In the linked video, Dr. Puts describes the evolution of some important gender differences in mating behavior. For example, he describes why men evolved to secure and provide resources and why women evolved to prefer men who can provide consistent resources. He also describes how evolutionary theory helps us understand why women’s mate preferences change over the course of their menstrual cycle and why men (should and do) care for their own children and not other men’s children.  

After you have viewed the video (and taken notes), please 1) read the attached Case Study description 

(and 2) answer the application questions noted below. You will type your answers in a separate document and upload it in this drop box for credit. Please remember to enumerate your list of answers and to NOT copy and paste the questions into your paper.

  1. According to evolutionary psychology, to what type of women should men be most attracted? Why?
  2. According to evolutionary psychology,  to what type of men should women be most attracted? Why?
  3. How could evolutionary psychology explain what would make Dylan’s first wife, Whitney, stay with him even though she knew about his infidelities?
  4. According to evolutionary psychology, what would a woman married to Dylan have to do in order to make Dylan initiate a divorce?
  5. Why does Dylan not use birth control, according to evolutionary psychology?
  6. Using an evolutionary psychological perspective, make the case for why Dylan’s ‘side pieces’ would use birth control when they are with him. Then, make the case for why Dylan’s ‘side pieces’ would NOT use birth control when they are with him. Be specific and explain your answer clearly.
  7. What are some problems with the evolutionary psychology explanations noted here? 
  8. Use Freud’s theory to explain Dylan’s promiscuity. How does the focus of Freud’s theory differ from that of evolutionary psychology?
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