Pick a sports, nonprofit/social impact, or political organization Describe what the organization does and its main activities

For guidelines, refer to “Discussion Board Expectations and Rubric” found in the Course Information section of Blackboard. Include in your responses any links to sources, citations, references, etc.

  1. Pick a sports, nonprofit/social impact, or political organization Describe what the organization does and its main activities.
  2. Share how the organization uses direct and interactive marketing in its efforts to attract target audience groups.
    • Provide a specific example or campaign. Give us details so we can understand what is the goal of the effort and how it has been implemented. 
    • How has technology changed or evolved how a marketer (in the industry selected – i.e. sports, nonprofit, or political) connects with customers?

3.For the comment on peer’s post, describe how changing consumer lifestyles or behaviors can affect marketing in the selected industry. Remember to cite your sources. 

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