What Role Does Islam Seem To Play In 14th Century Mali?


(introduce the two documents)

THESIS: A one sentence response to the question I’ve asked. (1/2 page)

  1. Talk about how Islam is portrayed in Ghana by Al-Bakri in the 11th century. (Do not summarize the document – instead, pick out one or two examples from the document that prove your point about how Islam is portrayed) Analyze NOT Summarize (1/2 page)
  2. Talk about Ibn Battuta’s document and how it portrays Islam in 14th century Mali. (Keeping in mind same from above). Tell and show HOW THIS IS EITHER DIFFERENT or SIMILAR FROM WHAT WAS GOING ON IN 11th CENTURY GHANA. (3/4 page)
  3. Conclusion (1/4 page): Try to remember to tell the audience the importance of your analysis, thesis, or your argument. Why does all of this matter?
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