Emotional self-awareness

Self-Assessment Paper (100 points): Report student’s current skill-set (strengths and weaknesses) within the four domains and 18 competencies of emotional intelligence by analyzing your Emotional Intelligence Appraisal. (8-10 page paper of synthesized work with at least 3 references).

Papers must include the following 4 EI domain headings and competency subheadings. For a review of the domains and competencies revisit your reading assignment from week 1 on pages 253-256 of the Primal Leadership textbook.  APA format is required.

1) Self-Awareness
    a) Emotional self-awareness
    b) Accurate self-assessment
    c) Self-confidence
2) Self-Management
    a) Self-control
    b) Transparency
    c) Adaptability
    d) Achievement
    e) Initiative
    f) Optimism
3) Social Awareness
    a) Empathy
    b) Organizational awareness
    c) Service
4) Relationship Management
    a) Inspiration
    b) Influence
    c) Developing others
    d) Change catalyst
    e) Conflict management
    f) Teamwork and collaboration

Please see the attached rubric as a guideline and reference. Save your work in Word or PDF. Submit it via the submission link. Your work will be checked for originality and plagiarism detection.

Self-Assessment Paper Rubric.pdf

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