Week 3 Writing Assignment

Week 3 Writing Assignment

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Week 3 Writing Assignment

  1. What made Cubism an important art movement? Describe the contributions Picasso and Braque made to the development of Cubism.

Cubism is an extensive prominent visual art style invented in the 20th century.  Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso’s contribution from Paris on cubism outdid most of the traditional graphics, making it the most adorned style by many artists in the 21st century (Barr, 2019). The cubist style became famous since it emphasized the two-dimension plane. They denied the traditional modeling by contesting highly honored perspectives that arts should emulate nature. Cubists applied paints that rejected ancients copying form, space color, and texture. However, they brought a novice aspect in painting that continuously scrapped object.  Braque and Picasso contributed to initiate cubists art (Barr, 2019). Their first portrait of five prostitutes brought light to African tribal arts exposed in the Paris ethnographic museum. Their paint broke the rule of custom western painting, famous in blue and pink, disregarding emotional and symbolic. The two aspects made Picasso’s painting be superior design among the artists. In their first instance of friendship, Braque visited Picasso Studio in 1907 and was impressed by Picasso’s work (Barr, 2019). In turn, Picasso quickly befriends Braque, and their friendship becomes the basis of cubism. As friends, they challenged, scrutinized, motivated, and encouraged each other to make their work more impressive. Picasso also occasionally visited Braque studio to sharpen his ideas in painting. Challenging and motivating each other, they set the foundation that many cubists emulated.

  • What led to the development of Dada? What was the intent of the Zurich Dadaists?

The development of Dada started from Dada magazine’s publication by an artist of Zurich. The magazine exhibits arts, which led to the expansion of anti-art messages and anti-war (Azman, 2017). Moreover, the Dada evening was held together with the art exhibition. Consequently, Tzara arose to be the Dada movement leader, which promoted Dada concepts by inspiring Italian and French artists and writers through numerous letters. Zurich Dadaists intended to focus their arts on printed and performance matter. As a result, when the war terminated in 1918, many artists returned home with the primary aim of assisting the spread of Zurich Dadaists (Azman, 2017). The end of Dada in Zurich was noted by Tzara, who supported the aim of Dada in undermining convectional art performance and involve in audience participation in art performance.

  • Describe how technological developments influenced industrial design and architecture. See also The Human Machine: Modern Workspaces.

In modern technology, industrial design and architecture have unanimously intersected in large perspective. Design and architecture are applied sciences that use research and innovation that primarily depend on technology. Technology development has heightened the new threshold in how the products and buildings are presented in a more convincing, liable, and appealing manner (Carpo, 2017).  All innovation in architecture and design experienced daily is achieved through technological breakthroughs.  From the steam lea to the digital era, technology has shaped the industrial products are designed. In the first industrial revolution, industrial products were large and unappealing. With the development of technology throughout the 20th and 21st century, more appealing, portable and convenient industrial designs have arisen. With the digital era and the increase in the machine and human interaction, drawing and rendering plans through a computer to a hardcopy document has made construction more effortless (Carpo, 2017). However, massive technological machine development has intensified conflict between human and machine interaction. Despite work being simplified by machine, the increase in machine use and technology has increased the modern workplace’s unemployment rate. The work that hundreds of manual workers could accomplish can be completed by a machine operated by few technicians rendering many jobless.  


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